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Dear 87 classmates-

Thank you!! Thank you for making the trek and journey from near and far - for four days or even
for a stolen afternoon or overnight. To come together and find dear friends and connect with
unknown ones was the theme of reunion. To highlight Dartmouth and to see where our roads
have taken all of us. Thank you for taking the time to come play, eat, drink and be merry - and
embrace the old traditions and find the new.

The committees worked hard to create an atmosphere that brought all of us together. And a
huge thank you to all of you that Sarah and I cold called and cajoled to come and tell us about
your journey, to share your skills and your ups and downs. Many people instantly said yes
when we called, and then asked about the why and whats. From healthy bodies to minds: via
yoga, stretching, art, TED, music, wine and much more, everyone contributed

All of this embodies the true Dartmouth spirit for us- the excitement, energy, resilience and even
grit that holds us all together and moves us forward. We are a very cool class and established
ourselves as a class that is going to have a voice at Dartmouth. Thank you all for coming and
fully participating! And the hugest shout out to our 18 member committee that toiled away to
create an awesome party!

Anne and Sarah


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